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Asbestos Re-Inspection Survey

Once an Asbestos Management or a Refurbishment & Demolition survey has been carried out, regular inspections must be carried out to monitor the condition of the asbestos.


Under Regulation 4, ‘Duty to Manage’, building owners are required to regularly inspect any known asbestos-containing materials in their building and keep records up to date. The recommendation is that inspections be carried out as a part of an Asbestos Management plan. An asbestos re-inspection survey is usually carried out after a management survey has been completed in a building. This should be conducted annually, and the surveyor will use the previous survey to update the report. The survey allows the client to monitor and record the asbestos already found within the property.

Once an Asbestos Management survey has been carried out to determine the presence of any asbestos-containing materials, and a survey report compiled of these findings, an annual re-inspection should be undertaken, so that the condition of the Asbestos can be monitored.

The information gathered during the Asbestos Survey Re-inspection will be used to update the Asbestos Register within the Asbestos report.
Asbestos Re-inspection surveys can also be used to update the Asbestos Survey Report after any Asbestos had been removed from the property/building or if any repair work has been undertaken in high-risk areas.

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